The Amazing Spider-Man


Written By – Tony Thornley


Empire Volume One- Collected Edition

“The End of The World and Other Tuesday Afternoon Honey-Do’s”




peter parker

Spider-Man/Peter Parker

Everything is coming up Peter Parker.  And he knows that means everything is about to come crashing down.  Despite it all, Peter is working through it with his job at Horizon Labs, his great family life, and an actually balanced life as a superhero.

mary jane parker

Mary Jane Parker

MJ is still struggling with PTSD from several frightening experiences that she experienced, particularly at the hands of Norman Osborn, which included transplanting her with a symbiote.  Her actions while possessed by the symbiote are haunting her, but Reed Richards and Hank McCoy have both declared her free of any remnants of the creature.

mayday parker

May “Mayday” Parker

Almost two and a half years old now, Mayday is a bubbly, active child.  MJ and Peter are most afraid of potty training (yes, she’s a little behind on that), however they’re about to discover something about Mayday that will completely change their approach to parenting.

annie parker

Annaliese “Annie” Parker

A little over nine months old, Annie is a sweet child with a calm disposition, the opposite of her sister.

liz allen

Elizabeth Allen-Osborn

One of Peter’s oldest friend’s, and the ex-wife of his best friend Harry Osborn, Liz has always cared deeply for Peter.  However, now, she’s the ruthless COO of Alchemax, a very public supporter of her former father in law, a devoted mother, and holder of a very dark secret.


Spider-Girl/Anya Corazon

Peter’s assistant at Horizon and partner (don’t call her a sidekick!).  Her interest in science is growing and she has learned a lot from Peter in costume.


Spider-Man/Miles Morales

A refugee from another universe, Miles and his friends and family are adjusting to the differences between their home and their new surroundings.  He’s still in full swing as Spider-Man, this time side by side with the man he’s modeled his heroic persona on.

ult jessica drew

Scarlet Spider/Jessica Parker

A female clone of the Peter Parker of Miles’ universe, Jessica was also transported into this universe with Miles and his family.  She’s still grappling with aspects of herself, while thrust into these new surroundings.


Gwen Stacey

Another refugee from the dead Earth-1610, Gwen mysteriously discovered she had powers similar to Peter, Miles and Jessica. Whether it’s a result of exposure to extra-dimensional energy, so something strange regarding her Carnage-hybrid biology is yet to be discovered.

curt connors

Doctor Curt Connors

Curt has returned after his most recent transformation into the Lizard.  He has been discredited as a researcher, but Peter was able to convince the Horizon to hire him as one last chance at redemption.  But what is the mysterious substance he has been injecting over the last few weeks?