All proposals for Marvel Forever should be submitted to Tony Thornley, the Editor and Moderator. We ask that you please follow these simple guidelines in structuring your proposal before sending it in for review as they will assist our comprehension of your proposal so we’re better able to ask more educated questions about some of the ideas enclosed which will result in a more educated conclusion of the submitted proposal.

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Proposal Guidelines
Introduce yourself. Our community is rather large so it’s not a given that we’re as familiar with your work as one might assume. If we are and haven’t come to you first, then these guidelines are mostly a formality just so we can keep things straight in our own head.
Present the project you’re interested in and pitch your series. A short synopsis of the who, what, when and where’s so we understand your desired series, the direction and your unique take on it and the characters. Also we’d like to know how many issues you’re interested in writing. If it’s an ongoing series a normal run is for 12 or more issues. Limited books can run from anywhere to 4 to 12 issues, but no longer.
Breakdown the plot. This is where the details come out. If you’re pitching for 12 issues you don’t need to break down all 12 issues. Just the first six issues will suffice with a general breakdown of the remainder of the story.  Also, your ideas should be fluid so please don’t feel obligated that you have to stick to your approved plans. If you have a better idea after you start the series you can always go to an editor and chat him up.
List your dibs. What are the main characters essential to your book? What are the recurring characters?  Our current list of dibbed characters can be found HERE. If you’re proposing the series then chances are you’ve already researched the site to know whether or not your series will fit, but to avoid complications as the Editors may know more than what’s on site we’d like to know who you wish to use. If there are potential conflicts we like to resolve them quick. If you plan on having dibbed characters as Guest Stars we’d like to know that also to help obtain approval from the dib holder.
Attach a writing sample. If you’re proposing to write for us chances are you’ve already written somewhere else. If you have an issue you’re the most proud of attach to the proposal or include a link to the issue if it’s posted to another fanfic site. No offense, but we do like to know what we’re getting ourselves in to.

That’s it. Those five things will help ensure your proposal gets the proper attention that it can. It’s not to say that we’ll trash proposals that don’t follow these guidelines, that’d just be a terrible thing to do, but we can’t guarantee that the questions asked will be as straight to the point as we’d like or sound as educated as we’d like if you don’t follow the above guidelines. Like mentioned above, it’s mostly to help us comprehend the proposal to the best of our ability.

Additional Information
Now,  we do things a little different than most shared continuity sites. We’re trying to keep the group tight and close knit. Because of this, we don’t allow titles that will overlap others’ purpose. For example, the two X-Men titles are telling two halves of the same story, and adding an X-Factor or X-Force series would be redundant. For the same reason, we’re not looking for additional Avengers series, or additional magic themed series in addition to Defenders. That essentially means we want stories that tread ground not covered elsewhere, and we include some examples below.

If you’re proposing a single issue, or two issue arc, for our Anthology title – Tales of Suspense  – follow the same guidelines above. Naturally, it would be a much simpler proposal.

Continuity for the site is a little loose. We are a “continuity cut-off” based site, with the cut off roughly around the Fear Itself story.  However Kang the Conqueror has made changes to the timeline, meaning some characters, events, and entities are different. For example, Sam Wilson is our Captain America, Steve Rogers is director of SHIELD and Peter Parker is married with two kids. Take this into account when preparing your story.

Marvel Forever strongly encourages all issues to be written in 3rd person past. It’s more to keep the consistency of the site intact so readers aren’t jumping from one series to the next and finding a whole different style that could affect his reading enjoyment, but I’d be lying if that was the only reason. It is a preference of the editors who feel that 3rd person past is far more accessible and comfortable to read and understand. Exceptions can be made as long as the editors are aware of what to expect. But those exceptions are limited to SOLO books. Team books in 1st person or 3rd person present could get a bit muddled.

Still with us? Good. Almost done.

Open Titles
These are simply suggestions to give you a clear idea of the direction we’re going and to kick start the creative process.  You’re 100% able and encouraged to submit a series that is not seen on this list as long as it doesn’t overlap the purpose of an existing series.  As I said above, we are not currently looking for X-Men-centered series or Avengers team series.  We also are not looking for any ongoing alternate reality series outside of the one listed below (denoted with * below).  We would be open to shorter/limited run alternate reality stories.  Lastly, for story reasons, we are not accepting any stories featuring Asgard-related characters for the time being.  Thanks!

Alpha Flight
Agents of Atlas
Cloak & Dagger
Fantastic Four
Ghost Rider
Guardians of the Galaxy
Heroes for Hire
The Inhumans
Midnight Sons
Moon Knight
New Warriors
Secret Warriors
Squadron Supreme*
And there we have it. That wasn’t so bad, was it?
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