Looking to pitch a series or just want to find out what characters are available to pull into your latest story arc? Checking the dibs is your next stop then! Click the link below to be taken to our Google Drive Spreadsheet that lists all the characters in use & in which series.

All of the characters are listed in one of the following categories:

Heavy: Character is a main lead of a series, speak to writer about using them.

Strong: Character is important to series but there might be more leeway for using them outside of the series.

Light: This character has only a supporting style role in a series & is very open to use in other series with permission.

Guest: Character is only slated for a guest appearance in a title.

Guest But: Character is a guest star but something important is being done with them.

Shared: Multiple writers have agreed to share use of this character.

Deceased: Character is six feet under

Make sure to contact the writer if you’d like to borrow a character they have in their series, to make sure it won’t interfere with any major plans they might have. We’re all very open to collaboration, you just have to ask!

Click Here For Dibs