The Avengers One-Shot #1 – Captain America & Mockingbird

Cap & Mockingbird

The Avengers One-Shot #1 starring Captain America & Mockingbird!

“Collateral Damage”
By Scott Redmond

Dodging bullets, laser beams and God knows what else from brightly colored nameless foes was pretty much just a regular Tuesday, or really any day of the week, for agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It sort of came with the territory of the super spy and peace keeping business.

It would be hard to avoid that type of situation when the most frequent foes were the green and yellow clad hordes of Hydra and the yellow bee keeper like mad minions of AIM.

“Remind me again why I agreed to this?”

A nearby wall shattered as plasma beams were reflected off a red white and blue circular shield, held tightly within the hands of Sam Wilson, otherwise known to the world as Captain America. Well, most of the world at least. His tenure in the identity that stretched all the way back to World War II was short compared to how long he had been flying through the skies as the heroic Falcon.

“Because you were dumb enough to bet me on if Steve would follow through on the head of S.H.I.E.L.D. gig.”

Two hands grabbed onto Sam’s shoulders as weight was pressed down, the black booted feet of Bobbi Morse, or Mockingbird as she chose to go by in the field, sailed over his head followed closely by the rest of her body. Quicker than most could even blink she had two stun batons in hand that were unleashed as she sailed through the air, both striking the Hydra agents that had been firing at Sam.

“Oh yeah. Well how was I supposed to know he would take to the job so well?” Sam said, unleashing a set of large red wings as he took to the air. “I would have had them by the way.”

Dodging gunfire from her left, Bobbi rolled to the side and flung a small device that suddenly grew to five times its original size as it struck the man in the chest and sent him flying through the air.

“You should have trusted my womanly instincts, that’s how,” She said as she watched Sam soar overhead before tossing his shield right at some agents that were trying to escape. “You could have, but it’s more fun for me to take them down.”

Grunting, Sam rose higher and came to a stop to survey the terrain. They were in a small town in Arizona, one that was off the main highway. The type of place that outsiders barely even noticed was there. More than likely the residents liked it that way. When they had come in, based on an anonymous tip, there had been quite a lot more Hydra agents swarming around the place.

Fires burned in the distance, Hydra members had tried to set the place ablaze to try and throw off the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents that were after them.

A familiar cry sounded as a red falcon descended from above to land upon the hovering hero’s shoulder. Red Wing and Sam were bonded, allowing the man to see through the eyes of his companion. Really the ability let him see through the eyes of all birds, but Red Wing was his partner and the bird he preferred to work with.

“What did you see Red?”

Not a sound was made from his avian sidekick as their minds connected. Flashes of a squat and faded building in the middle of the town came to Sam’s mind. There were so many green clad terrorists around it. This is where they were coming from previously and now where they were choosing to retreat as the tide turned in S.H.I.E.L.D.’s favor.

As the image faded, Red Wing took off as Sam let himself drop towards the Earth before gliding back to Bobbi’s last position. Spotting the agent wiping up the last few Hydra minions, he caught her attention and motioned in the distance. Nodding, she braced herself as he shot over and grabbed her around the waist, taking them both airborne.

“Where are we headed?”

“Town square. Red Wing saw where they were concentrated. I got a feeling we’ll find the answers to why they were in this town there.”

“Something is off. They moved to retreat too quickly. The guys we faced barely were trained to fight.”

“A distraction tactic?”

“Seems that way.”

The wind whipped against them as Sam’s speed picked up, the building in the center coming closer. Pulling back, he slowed them down just in time to land upon the ground nearby without them crashing. Moving away from Sam, Bobbi scanned the area. It was eerily quiet.

“They’re not here anymore.”

“They were just here; Red Wing saw them a few minutes ago.”

“They’re gone now.”


“I don’t think so. Those usually leave this sort of tingling copper taste in the air.”

The building was small as they entered it. There was just an office and small break area behind the reception desk. It was the town’s version of City Hall.

“Why here? Why would they choose here?” Sam murmured.

Bobbi paused as she noticed another room that was an offshoot of the rest. It was newer than the rest of the building, probably built within the last few years. A large metal door was wide open; a deactivated keypad was on the wall next to it. It wasn’t a safe per say, but it was a place to keep things safe. Sliding through the doorway, her eyes quickly adjusted to the darkness and that is when a gasp emerged.

“Sam…you’ll want to see this.”

Entering the room, his gaze fell quickly upon what had caused such a reaction from Bobbi. In the center of the room was a decayed corpse in a chair, wearing a tattered blue and yellow costume along with a very familiar helmet. It was the helmet of Nova, and the Nova Corps.

“I think we figured out what they were after,” Sam said.

“You think?”

“I have a bad feeling about this. Time to call the Avengers.”



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