Marvel Forever- THE DAILY BUGLE 6/2/2016!

We’ve been busy, even if it hasn’t been with fanfic.  Well, at least we have the rest of the group!

A great alternate reality starts here!  Get introduced to the Lycan-sphere in In the Light of the Crimson Moon by Sean Ford!

In the Light of the Crimsion Moon: Pt 1

It’s the second part of the Fantastic Four’s first Marvel Forever adventure, as stopping bank robbers turns into a battle for survival- Heatwave by Deathmaster780!

Fantastic Four: Heatwave Chapter 2

And lastly, the mystery of the new Thunderbolts deepens as the word of their attack on SHIELD reached none other than Baron Zemo- “A Very Familiar Name” by Mike Hintze!

Thunderbolts – Chapter 2 – ‘A Very Familiar Name’

Check them out and more very soon!