MARVEL FOREVER- The Daily Bugle 2/16/16


We’ve been quietly busy for a little while, but all of a sudden, we’re booming over at Marvel Forever!
We have FOUR NEW SERIES debuting this month, plus the continuation of our existing series!  Go check them out and give us a shout out!
JD Mathis joins Forever with Agents of SHIELD in Goblin Nation Part 1- Commander Steve Rogers is faced with a  massive new challenge and recruits an important new agent to combat it!
Mike Hintze debuts a crucial new series in the Marvel Forever universe with Thunderbolts Chapter 1- Shall We Begin?- A daring new team of villains brutally attack a SHIELD helicarrier, led by a mysterious new Citizen V.  Who are the Thunderbolts?
Tony Thornley’s Spider-Man didn’t want to get left out of all the new, so it’s relaunching with Amazing Spider-Man- Forward Motion- Peter Parker encounters two of his deadliest villains in a fight for his life!
Ed Ainsworth’s Defenders is reborn and remixed for Marvel Forever in Defenders #0- Strange Tales- The Defenders don’t get back together.  Really!  They DON’T!
And finally Brent Lambert brings the heat and puts the rest of us to shame with 17 chapters(!) as a prelude to his Guardians of the Galaxy!

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