Tales to Astonish: Fin Fang Foom – Ascension

Marvel Forever Presents




By Ed Ainsworth

The crunching of sand underneath first alerted him to the oncoming onslaught.

A head the size of a camper van lifted itself from its resting place between the trees and looked out, four stories higher than before, over the beach before it. Silenced gunfire cut through the first two man-sized monsters on the beach, tearing their limbs from their bodies and dropping them in place. The muzzle bearing seven oddly shaped horns hit the ground and whined a single breath before falling still. A hot breath singed the leaves of the trees below the nostrils, an exhalation of anger and shocked effrontery.

The military force, barking orders in a language not known to him, stopped to gaze up at his huge, azure muzzle. Their aimed their weaponry at him, energy blasts rebounding off his hardened scales. He barked, a sound that knocked the first few soldiers off their feet and into the sand. The remaining soldiers backed up, and re-aimed their weaponry.

The craft of their origin, a winged disk which hung in the air, a single, glowing portal into its depths open, teetered underneath the sonic barrage.

“Who Disturbs My Slumber? Who Disturbs The Digestive Processes of FIN FANG FOOM,” he bellowed. The aliens recoiled.

The final words sent another wave of sonic energy over the ground, knocking the other alien soldiers off their feet. Stepping from the craft, casually, moments before it hit the surf and exploded, was a man. Blue skin, a large hammer, and a face that implied death and anger.

“I,” said the blue skinned man, “Decreed by his Intellectual Eminence, the Supreme Intelligence, to eradicate all Marco-Fauna from existed, have come to this terrible planet to exact the word of our Science-God.”

He held his hammer aloft, which sent out a huge burst of energy. Fin Fang Foom’s head was pushed back, straining against the ligaments in his neck. Dipping from space, in molten bullets of fire, two huge, humanoid figures hurtled towards him. Rising to his full height, wing beats throwing the remaining soldiers, not yet scrambling from their fallen positions, flew out into the oceans several hundred feet into the air. They would not bother the terrible Dragon again.

The Sentry’s, their burning feet turning the sand on the beach to glass, turned their attentions to Foom, who stood now to his fullest height, neck stretch and head inclined to look down at his aggressors. The Hammer bearing man stood in silence, watching with curious intent.

“Destroy it,” he said. The Sentries moved forward.

“You will find, Dragon, that atomic fire means nothing to the hides of an advanced race such as ours. We are Mighty. We are undefeated. We Are Kree.”

Foom fell forwards with the fullest weight afforded by his Diamond bones. His hands tore through the chest of the Sentry, even as it’s own blasts burned his hide. The Sentry went down, circuits spewing electric protestations as their met with the newly glassed beach.

“Atomic Fire means nothing when my muscles are granite and my body pliable, Alien,” Foom said. He snorted at the small warrior, who once again held his Hammer aloft.

“I am Tev-Dem, and I, Accuser of the Kree Empire, Left Hand to Ronan, and Right to the Supreme Intelligence, find you guilty of macro-viral transmission and sentence you to death, via any means necessary. There is no inappropriate death for you, disease monger.”

Foom cocked his head to once side, a fist smashing through the face of the other Sentry.

“I am no mongrel, Accuser. I am FOOM. I do not carry disease, DISEASE CARRIES ME.”

The Kree cocked his head to once side to mock the dragon.

“Disease carries you?”

Foom grumbled and dropped down before the Kree, his huge mouth encompassing the small body.

Again the Universal Weapon fluxed, and Foom felt it inside his mouth. For a moment, the pair of them were locked in battle before the Dragon felt his essence shift and flex. His mind, separated from his body, began to inhabit a new dimension of thought and feeling, alongside the now equally massive form of the Accuser.

“Fin Fang Foom,” Tev-Dem said, “I meet you now as a far superior entity – on the conceptual plane devised and created by the Supreme Intelligence. You may existed as an entity of enormous mass and presence, but I am a Kree Accuser delegate. You are nothing but a small creature beneath my boot.”

Pressing forwards, Foom found that every step of the Accuser was met with equal force pressed against his body. He felt his bones begin to strain and even stretch underneath the immense weight.

“Why?” Foom asked, looking up at the Accuser.

“You stand Accused of spreading and create a Macro-Viral Load which has eliminated seven Kree Colonies. The evidence is beyond question, the Virus carriers your particular pheotypical expressions. You are patient zero. You are the spread. Therefore…you must be Accused, and destroyed.”

“I ask you,” Foom said, feeling emboldened suddenly, a squirt of energy shifting through his body.

“Why would one as mighty as I care for an insect such as you?”  The energy warmed and spread throughout his body.  His normal green armor became blue and white, and galaxies and stars began to glow and swirl in the darkness.
“I shall give you an answer!  I care not about you, accuser.  I am FIN.  FANG. UNIVERSE!”
With that bellow, he belched cosmic fire at the Accuser.

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