The Front Line 8/22/14

That real world just makes things interesting sometimes, but we’re back!


COSMIC AVENGERS Chapter 1 By Brent Lambert

Valkyrie ran her fingers along the smooth metal railing, its cold giving her goose bumps.

UNCANNY AVENGERS “Minus” Chapter 1 By Tony Thornley

“Since when do you have operatives?” she asked with a smirk.

“Since I found out that it’s frowned upon for a school principal to be stabbing people that need stabbing,” he grunted.  (And find the issue on our X-Men page as well!!)

UNCANNY X-MEN “New World Order” Part One By Scott Redmond

A young man, practically naked except for some strips of clothing that really did nothing to cover any of him, wandered down the street towards the people that ran away. His skin was decorated in pulsing symbols, glowing with a deep blue like light.

“Just a wild guess, but I think that is our guy,” Monet offered.

SPIDER-MAN “Industrial Espionage” By Tony Thornley

Peter paused dramatically.  “We’ll figure out who that is, and when we do, you’re going to jail for a very, very long time, and will be sued for every penny you have.  Trust me, one of those ideas are mine, and I have a damn good lawyer.  Who happens to turn into a Hulk.”